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    every 2 weeks

    will I ever have a newer cfw (with backup support) without a dongle?

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    Oct 2011
    Yes (One day)

    Do you often sleep at day?

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    No (but I want to )

    Have you ever broke your bone like arm or leg?

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    Oct 2011
    Yes (my right arm) when I was 13th (>_<)

    Do you still have your old console (SNES/PSX/SEGA etc...)?

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    Dec 2010
    Yes .

    Have you ever posted something here using your phone?

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    Oct 2011
    No, never... My phone can't access internet

    Do you often Online via iPad/ Mobile Phone?

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    Oct 2009
    Yes, when my laptop is not in reach or when it is turned off.

    Do you own a racing wheel controller?

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    Sep 2010

    Would you visit a red light district?

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    Lol, Yes. (I visited so many in my life, worldwide )

    Do you dream to rent a house in front of a Red Light District, calling your super hottie with a whistle from your window (hoping on a freebie too)?
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    No (My wife will burn that house )

    Have you ever been in a Red Light District and... with a super hottie?

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