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    Senior Member inginear's Avatar
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    would you put your brain inside a robot body so you wouldn't have to worry about aging?

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    no. but what a question

    have you ever seen in real life a baby 1 day old or less?

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    Do you have a baby?

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    Is it freezing now in your country?

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    No, but it's stormy

    Do you have a son/daughter in law? (O_O)

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    are you bored this month? no games.

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    no. too much school work to play many games anyway.

    have you owned all the playstation consoles? (playstation, playstation 2, playstation 3)
    (not counting the psx hybrid from japan)

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    Yes (Gosh i was sure it was clear now )

    Do you love to play volleyball on the beach all the year?

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    No, I rarely go to the beach (>_<)

    Do you often go to the beach?

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    Yes (daily)

    Do you try to teach your dog to surf?


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