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    Do you own an Xbox?

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    Do you own a bookcase?

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    Yes... a three-shelf one. I haven't read all the books though.

    Do you think people in Egypt go to school using camels?

  4. #1374
    No, most of them walk but some will take transport or go to school in a car.

    Have you ever cried from laughter?

  5. #1375
    Yes, surely, but a long time ago. Know anything that will make me laugh hysterically =)?

    Question: Do you watch Top Gear?

    *actually, most people take transport; nobody walks unless they live nearby the school.

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    do you have at least 1 best friend from the childhood ?

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    Do you like the movie 'Warrior' ? (if you watched it)

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    No (uhm i recall this title, a B movie maybe i'm wrong)

    Did you answer with an answer about be married (implicitly confirming) ?

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    no i didnt understand that.

    have you ever drink an egg (without cooking it) like rocky balboa?

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    Yes, once when I was I kid

    Are you married?


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