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    Junior Member nnnn44's Avatar
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    Bartholomy you didn't ask question and you didnt answer my earlier question in previously page the question is still ? on you "are you married" ? and sorry for the disappoint i am a boy

    next question for the next one do you think one day you will meet your dream girl like in the movies?

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    yes, if i move to europe. (american girls today have no decency, courtesy, manners, morals, or etiquette)

    do you have an idea for a video game that is radically different from games out today?

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    Uhm, Yes. (If you think european whores, ops , girls, are better... well.. roflmao.. try asian girls, japanese girls on top. They will fit your needings waaaay more. BE SURE.)

    Are you married too? (I answered )

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    no. i didn't get you answer about are you married (or you are trying to skip the question )

    did you really think that i am a girl ?

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    Do you have a beard ?

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    have you ever said word "dream" in your dream?

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    No, I don't recall ever talking in my dream.

    Did you watch the Australian Open (tennis) final?

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    When you are really thirsty, does anything quench your thirst better than water?

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    Do you eat 3 times a day?

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    Do you plan to buy a Vita if it gets hacked?
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