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    Senior Member inginear's Avatar
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    yes, if i was a blue shirt. lol

    do you like the original battlestar galactica better than the original star trek?

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    Absolutely no. Better? Nah.

    Do you truly, deeply, absolutely love nothing else than Star Trek?

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    No, but Star Trek is still cool

    Do you think Megaupload will ever be back up and running again?

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    do you watch more than 1hr of adult films per day?

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    Do you think soon every other service similar to Megaupload will be digged?

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    no (i don't want it to be happen)

    Do you know Radiata Stories?

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    did ever something weird happened to you that you couldn't explain it scientifically?

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    Yes, lots of times.

    Have you ever been arrested?

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    Are you ever been sued?

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    no. i have sued through workcover my old boss.. LOL

    do you think the ps4 will be black in colour?


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