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    Oct 2010
    no. i've seen 1 or 2 but not into it.

    do you like the tv show shameless uk and us versions?

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    Feb 2008
    No, but it looks funny

    Is it good show?

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    Sep 2011
    no (because i never saw it). can you give me a reason why do i have to play skyrim. i watch the trailer and the game don't have a god story or animation or graphic that you can compare it to assassin4 or crysis2 or battlefield3 and the game won multi award. so it must have a reason.

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    Are you excited with the news of Team AC1D?

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    Have you ever met a game designer? (I met the developer of Wipeout, Reality Fighters and Motorstorm. Also met the Senior Executive VP of Sony )

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    Yep, I met one of the desginers, who made STALKER (don't remember the name exactly, but it's Ukranian company) by a chance - when speaking to my friend about new Maya plugin. The offered me a job, but I declined it in the end.

    Do you add sugar in the coffee?

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    Yes, feel nauseous without it.

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    Sep 2010
    No (I don't drink coffee).

    Can you type more than 60 WPM?

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    Yes. (Sorry, I forgot to ask the question )

    Do you like Coldplay? ( <3 )

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    Yessss <3

    Do you like U2?

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