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  1. #1241
    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Yes, I own a DS Lite and use some R4 clone .

    Do you visit the library regularly?

  2. #1242
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    Do you use VLC as movie-player ?

  3. #1243
    No I use Divx player

    Do you like the new Smart TV's with wifi? [LG is coming out with an 80"]

  4. #1244
    yes, I'm looking forward to the day when there is a hacking site dedicated to CFW for smart TVS!

    are many members here buying a PS Vita on launch day? I am.

  5. #1245
    NO , with this price, NEVER.

    Are you going to test some hacks on your PSVITA?

  6. #1246
    Maybe Yes. They are $299 if you want 3G which I would want. Can't remember what I first paid for a PSP. This is way better than psp.

    Will you buy the 3G then?

  7. #1247
    Yes, for sure the best model, if compared. The one who deserve..

    Will you buy a 32Gb directly from japan? (Rest of the world will have just 16Gb, at beginning, seems)

  8. #1248
    no , built in space is not an issue for me at the start, i'll buy a game or 2 and that will keep me busy , maybe when loads of games are out and CFW is available i will worry about space!

    I will trying out any hacks if they become available, for me that is almost as much fun as using the device normally! And im sure some third party storage will become available sometime - eg: maybe microSd/M2 or other adapters or maybe some new way. not sure if i will get the 3g version though, will have to see how my funds are looking!

    Anyone tried any ps3 games or blurays in 3d yet? (is it any good or a load of hype, I didn't think much of the 3D cinema movies and now I just go to the 2d versions instead)

  9. #1249
    yes but you can't finish a game with more than 6 hours without destroying your eyes and Concentration in shotter games. its best only for short movies.

    do you have time for play games and watch your movies?

  10. #1250
    no. strictly games.

    anyone like cats?


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