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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Do you come on this site everyday?

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    yes.. several times

    do you believe marijuana is a drug/narcotic?

  3. #1223

    Do you prefer Coca Cola instead of Pepsi ?

  4. #1224
    yes. coke is better than pepsi imo.. i dislike pepsi.

    have you got any "sideshow" tricks you can do? eg touch your ear with your tounge.. LOL

  5. #1225
    Well, I can crack with my bones, but this isn't any special I think.

    You believe in Karma ?

  6. #1226
    100% yes..

    do you have a reasonable government in your country?

  7. #1227
    No, I don't think those exist

    Do you have life insurance?

  8. #1228
    I don't know, maybe, because I'm still in college. (Dad's Company maybe)

    Have you ever broken a bone?

  9. #1229
    no never.

    would you still believe in the bible if aliens came to Earth tomorrow?

  10. #1230
    No, religion is just for people who have nothing and need anything to believe in it.

    Do you own an Intel CPU ?


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