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    Senior Member Erz's Avatar
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    Do you think xbox sales rate will be higher than sony this year?

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    Yes, they already 2.1 million ahead since Sept 2011

    Do you workout?

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    no. but i just got ea sports active 2 to try and start again..

    do you have a pet bird?

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    No but I would love a Parrot.

    Do you sleep alone?

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    yes. on my lounge. i don't go into my bedroom except to feed my fish tanks and on the very rare chance i get some.. LOL

    do you live alone?

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    Do you think sony will use the Cell also for the PS4 ?

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    From my "feeling" I think I will say Yes

    Do you think xbox will support 3D?

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    Yes they allready sayed not this gen (360) but the next. But you also can convert all the games if you have a nice tv. So mine can convert every 2D source into 3D. But it's a huge diff if you just convert it or if the source is made in true stereoscopic 3D True stereoscopic will really come out from the tv and looks like its in your room converted source will not have this effect.

    Do you think the new xBox and PS will have a quad gpu ?

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    have you ever killed or stab someone in your dream?

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    Do you often dream something fun?


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