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    Senior Member cfwprophet's Avatar
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    No not really im a philistine on that

    Do you ever have sleeped 24 hours ?

  2. #1142
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    Can you hold your breath for longer than 20 seconds?

  3. #1143
    Yes no prob

    Do you like that i have to start to work now ?

  4. #1144

    Do you like your current job?

  5. #1145
    Yes/No i like cooking but im no bunch and my chif's don't understand why no cook will stay by them, i also have to go as soon i have my owen apartment. I even told them i' get my own cleaner to pay for and let them clean 100% but they don't like it and call me a swine.

    I sayed that this isn't normal regarless where you cook you everytime have a cleaning personal cause im a learned cook not a cleaner. Somedays i work from 11:00am - 01:00am and i really never will start to clean the whole big kitchen from 01:00am - 04:00am ya know ?

    Do you like to travel ?

  6. #1146
    Apparently.... No

    Do you often go to the Beach?

  7. #1147
    Yes, I live in Australia.

    Do you think 2011 went by fast?

  8. #1148

    Do you think there will be a new console this year?

  9. #1149
    Yes (The Wii U).

    Do you think physical media (CD, DVD, Bluray) will still be playable on the next next gen console (PS5, Wii 3, Xbox next next (other option would be games downloaded via the cloud))?

  10. #1150

    Do you heard that the psvita is not selling fine ?


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