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    Senior Member cfwprophet's Avatar
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    No i don't have friends anymore

    Will you shoot some firework ?

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    No, I wish I could though

    Don't you wish life was like Grand Theft Auto?

  3. #1053
    Hehe Yes sometimes

    Will you drink today ?

  4. #1054
    Yes, while I watch some movie

    Have you ever buy Action Figures from Japan?

  5. #1055
    No never

    Do you have read a book the last months ?

  6. #1056
    no after my graduation i never touched a book. "its bad for you health "

    do you sell one of your kidney for 2000.000$ if someone asked for it.

  7. #1057
    Yes. After receiving the money, I'll go to some Russian friends and get an kidney for me, which costs less than 2.000.000$. So I'll get a good amount of cash out of it.

    Did you already got rockets for tomorrow ?

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    have you ever wished to die for real because of something terrible happened to you?

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    Is there snow in your country ?

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    Do you know Sebastian Vettel ?


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