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    Senior Member mm4dsc's Avatar
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    No (and I wasn't joking).

    Have you even entering a spelling bee?

  2. #1042
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    No (i guessed that cause now one on this planet to this time thinked that. Thats one of the first things we learn: The Earth is Round. Later in scool we learn that the humans for a few 100 years thoughted that the earth is a plate)

    Do you get a psvita ?

  3. #1043

    Do you believe a Newbie with Post #1 tells the truth that there is an 4.00 CFW ?

  4. #1044

    Do you speak with a lisp?

  5. #1045

    Can you believe that we already in 2012 in two day's ?

  6. #1046
    NO maybe when he can talk and explain some things, showing that he understand for what a rep sys is used jada, jada, jada, then maybe i would. But that's good and the reason why the humans have made such big steps the last few hundreds years. They started to use there brain and not to belive everything that a unkowen person tels them

    Do you like the body spray PlayBoy ?

  7. #1047
    No, never use it

    Do you think this thread reach 200 page in 2012?

  8. #1048
    No seeing it has took over three months to make over 100 pages. Better get posting everyone to make 200 pages in one day.

    Do you think we could survive without internet?

  9. #1049
    Yes, of course.

    Has the British Queen visited your country before?

  10. #1050
    No, I think.

    Will you celebrate New Year with your friends?


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