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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    I really don't think so. If I buy a console, it would be my fourth PS3, not a Vita, eeh.

    Have you more than 16 GB RAM in your PC ?

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    No just 8 GB

    Do you use a electrical shaver ?

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    Do you agree with me, that I should ask, if we can add SSL encryption for the whole PS3News.com network ?

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    Yes, you can ask

    However, we could add it in - but it would probably be useless. Few fold:

    1) Server resources (probably would need a beefier server (with all of the users online, add SSL to the mix, it would not be pretty)
    2) Not like SSL is secure by any stretch of the imagination, guess it depends what data you'd like to keep safe. From the person tapping into your wifi - sure, but from any government? Not a chance.
    3) We'd need to buy a cert (not like its a huge deal, only $30 a year or so, but still!)

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    Yes/No... What happened to the question above?

    Do you think this will get to 200 pages in the first half of 2012?

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    Do you want to post on "Question Only Thread"?

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    Would you like to travel back to 3500 BC?

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    Would you consider yourself wealthy?

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    Would you buy the ps3 or vita?

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    No (I have a PS3 and am not interested in the Vita. BTW, Yes or No questions only...).

    Have you used the internet for more than 10 years?


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