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    XP SP3 hits Windows Update, Vista SP1 makes a comeback

    At last the moment you've been waiting for...

    Microsoft wants to hit your version of Windows with an update, and this time you don't have to go rummaging around the internet to find it: just fire up Windows Update and let Microsoft do all the work.

    After a few false starts XP users get the much-anticipated SP3 update, which promises speed boosts and some of the fancy security features found in Vista.

    If you're a Vista user you're also in luck, since Microsoft has restarted its Vista SP1 distribution after some compatibility problems with Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Sounds like a party.

    XP SP3 hits Windows Update, Vista SP1 makes a comeback

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    I have installed SP3 on multiple systems and they only major issue I have run into is it screwing up the Windows Updates. It is easy enough to fix that issue however The systems seem to run very smooth and a lot cleaner to me as well.

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