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    Xenosaga I & II Help

    I've recently imported the Xenosaga trilogy from the US and i've come to learn that my good ol' trusty Swap Magic 2.0 discs don't play everything.

    Xenosaga III works fine, both discs boot and play with no problems.

    Xenosaga II disc 1 boots to black screen, while disc 2 just returns to the memory card browers

    Xenosaga I doesn't work at all.

    Now, I checked around and it seems that TOC swap works, but it didn't for me. I made a copy of XSII, and disc 1 did work while disc 2 still boots to memory card browser.

    XSI I was able to split into three, but I ended up with 4.16, 4.36 and 2.80gb in disc sizes, which also have not worked.

    Can anyone give me any ideas why XS split doesnt work nor disc 2 of XSII?

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    Xenosaga 1 is a dual layer game and won't work unless you split it, but you probably already knew that. There are threads about splitting it in the DVD rip forum, so that is a good place to start. I have an echelon release that is single disk with compressed videos and works fine with SM2. It was a lot simpler in this instance to just D/L another copy than to backup my original. As for Xenosaga 2, try zoneloader or cd loader (which can be found in the swap-chat forum) and check and see if there are instructions there.

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    I tried Zoneloader and to my surprise, it did work with Xenosaga II. Even better was the fact it booted the originals. For the copies of XSII, Disc 1 needs TOC swap on SM CD 3.0 while Zoneloader boots disc 2.

    XSI however has been split, burnt, patched and burnt again and to no avail. It just doesnt want to work. You know where I could get instructions on making XSI DVD5? I have searched before, no luck.

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