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    PS Button Color XenoGC developers making XenoWii chip?!

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    Although not confirmed yet, word is the folks behind the low-priced XenoGC GameCube mod-chip have also been developing a Wii mod-chip for the drive which is said to be available shortly. More info to come as we get it...

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    I don't think I would chip my Wii. Maybe flash the DVD firmware at most but prefferably a soft mod would be better. (e.g. Exploit with loaders etc)

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    I agree and disagree. My main concern with chipping my/any Wii is the Connect24 setup they have on them, that is my only issue, unless there's some magic the chip works to not be detected by it or something of that nature.

    I'll likely wait for a soft mod if ever available. Its a start though I suppose towards that.

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    XenoGC was probably the easiest soldering job ever for a mod, so hopefully they replicate that for the Wii

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    The wii has the exact same security vulnerabilities as a Gamecube (well the drive password changed to lowercase and the dvd drive has a different firmware lol). I wouldn't be suprised if the old xeno chip worked on wii with a bios update and different solder points. They probably just didn't start on it yet because they didn't expect the wii to be so popular.

    Unfortunatly this means that there will likely not be any easy softmods like xbox and ps2.

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    Red Face

    A soft mod would be great, i read that some people are working on modding firmware for Hitachi 8164b DVD reader, which is included in XboX and Wii.

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    I heard another rumor tonight... nothing at all confirmed, so likely just pure speculation but someone close to the Viper/Cobra Team mentioned to me that it may be possible to use your existing hardware (ViperGC/Extreme Mod) to play Wii back-ups soon. This would be done using an updated "Cobra" BiOS for the ViperGC/Extreme Mod that supports the Wii images, however, you would need to re-install the Mod into your Wii of course using new 'solder points'.

    From a developer standpoint it may make sense- instead of engineering, debugging, manufacturing, and marketing an entirely new PCB design, simply update the existing one via Firmware and continue selling ViperGC/Extreme Mods for all Wii customers. Time will tell if there is any truth to this, but if this is essentially what the Xeno folks are also doing it just may be possible.

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    Like someone else said the only problem with a modchip is WiiConnect24.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    Like someone else said the only problem with a modchip is WiiConnect24.
    Easily solved with a switch.

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    Wow. I had a funny feeling that the Wii would somehow be a very easy console to mod/hack. But having a password casing changed and the possibility of using an old chip. Wow Nintendo! Did you forget ALL about security while you were drooling over the Wii Remote?


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