Today our Staff member Xak has reviewed the new Xenium Gold 24K X-Box Mod-Chip courtesy of Here is what he had to report:

I have to start by saying I know far more about working with PlayStation 2 over the X-Box, and my X-Box is a v1.6! Version 1.6b is the most recent, but one of the big points is that Xenium SP Chip is solderless even on v1.6 and 1.6 X-Box consoles!

With that said, installing the Xenium Gold 24K Solderless X-Box Mod-Chip was a breeze! Prior to installing this chip, I have never opened my X-Box. Total install time: Approximately 1 hour, but now that I have done it I can do it again in 20 minutes! First, the X-Box case needs to be opened so you'll need to turn it upside down and lift/remove the grip pads to reveal four Torx 20 screws. Two other Torx 20 screws are found underneath the sticker, and once removed you can now lift off the top cover of the X-Box.

Next you unplug the IDE and power cables from the X-Box hard drive. Do the same for the DVD drive, and now there is one Torx 10 screw connecting the hard drive housing to the DVD housing. Two Torx 10 screws are also found near the front of the DVD housing. You can now remove both housings from the X-Box, and you are ready to install the Xenium Gold 24K Solderless!

Installation instructions can be found at the Xenium's Web site, so I will now discuss the chip's functionality. I do want to note that some X-Box motherboards cover the solder points with laquor, so you will need to gently scrape them.

The Solderless Adapter has 5 LED lights on it that light up when properly installed. Once you think you have the adapter installed you can power on the X-Box and see if they light up, if not turn off the X-Box and check your install. And it is important to note that once you attach the chip to the adapter, the 2nd LED on the left will turn off to verify the chip is properly connected. I really love this feature- it makes installing this chip practically fool-proof!

Once I finished installing the chip and reassembled my X-Box, I connected it to the TV and fired it up. I was greeted with the pre-flased Xenium OS screen (pictured). The Xenium OS is a legal BiOS for the X-Box, and within the Xenium OS are many options to control the chip's functionality. You can even make the chip's LED glow different colors for each BiOS you install! There is also built in HDD cloning, FTP server, Telnet access, EEPROM tools, and even a Web server! You can launch BiOSes, flash BiOSes, reboot and shutdown the X-Box right from your computer. This chip is literally packed full of features, you just need to try it for yourself! I highly recommend this chip, it's the best thing to ever happen to my X-Box! If you still need convincing, a small USB dongle is even included. You just plug it into a controller port, and plug in a USB device such as a mouse or keyboard... you can even plug in a USB Hub! Great work on this chip Team Xodus, and THANKS to for letting me review it!