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    XCM XFPS PC Magic Box 2 for PS3 and XBox 360 Arrives

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    Today the XCM Team have announced their new XCM XFPS PC Magic Box 2 which allows you to use PS3 or XBox 360 (wired/wireless) controllers and with PC games.

    Below are further details from their official site alongside a Manual, and to quote:

    The XFPS PC Magic Box 2 allows you to use an XBox 360 (wired/wireless) and PS3 controllers with PC games. Although the XBox 360 controller can be used on the PC but due to lack of keys remapping function, gamers may find the gaming controllers quite difficult to use on some PC games.

    The XFPS PC Magic Box 2 complements this need. You're now able to remap any key on the keyboard to the game controller, using the right buttons/Trigger to shoot, the right button for punch or kick etc. and many more with the XCM PC Magic Box 2. This device is user friendly and also adds auto fire function. Let's start to play the PC games in another mode!

    Functions and features:

    1. Supports both XBox 360 (wired/wireless) and PS3 controllers with PC games. *NOTE: if using with XBox 360 wireless controller, the XBox 360 PC Wireless Gaming Receiver must be required.
    2. Supports rumble function.
    3. Supports XBox 360 wired or wireless headset.
    4. Supports PS3 SixAxis tilt function
    5. 8 built-in independent auto fire buttons
    6. You are able to re-map the keys on keyboard to the XBox 360 or PS3 controller.
    7. PC will recognize PS3 controller as XBox 360 controller, so the PS3 controller can be able to use on all PC games.

    NOTE: Most PC games won't recognize PS3 controller but XCM PC Magic Box 2 will trick PC into thinking a XBox 360 controller is plugged in. XBox 360 controller has better compatibility with PC.

    XCM XFPS PC Magic Box 2 for PS3 and XBox 360 Arrives

    XCM XFPS PC Magic Box 2 for PS3 and XBox 360 Arrives

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    Well I used my PS3 controller to play GTA San Andreas on my PC before without any problems. It might be useful for 360 users but for PS3 users it's not needed.

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    Price? Where to buy?

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    Not sure on a price, but you can contact their resellers to find out I'm sure via: http://www.xcm.cc/Resellers.htm

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    Why would you need this? you already have the best controller available. A mouse and Keyboard.

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    There are already free software alternatives to using the PS3 controller with the PC. I believe it's called MotionInJoy? Google it.

    This is nice if you want to use an emulator on your PC for SNES, PS1, PS2 etc since those kinds of games were intended to be played with a controller and not a keyboard.

    Try playing a classic game and seeing all the hints and everything with controller icons instead of telling you the keyboard mapped shortcuts, and see how you like it versus using a controller, which is far easier for this purpose.

    Pretty much any 2D scrolling action game is easier on a controller anyway. You don't see people trying to play Super Street Fighter on a keyboard, and if you did they would get their ass kicked anyway. Keyboard and mouse are not always the best controller inputs for all types of games.

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    I use MotionJoy. Worked fine for me when I had PS3 controllers


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