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    XCM Wireless Controller Piano Black & Piano White Shells Arrive

    Today the folks at www.XCM.cc let us know that their XCM XBox 360 Wireless Control Pad Shell with New D-pad is now available in both Piano Black and Piano White.

    Some pictures of them are below, with more available at the links above.

    To quote: "The XCM D-Pad has been redesigned and optimized. The new XCM wireless controller shell uses a much larger d-pad with more room to allow the d-pad to move when using it.

    This will make sure you do not accidentally hit another direction on the d-pad while trying to access something else. For example, when switching weapons on most first person shooters."

    As always, those interested can grab one from their Official Resellers.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thumbs Up NEw Controllers

    Very nice. Makes me wanna get em while they're hot!

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