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    XCM High Speed Air Cooler v2 arrives for X-Box 360 consoles!

    Today we received word from the folks at that their new XCM High Speed Air Cooler v2 has arrived!

    It now supports all X-Box 360 consoles including the Elite version, and both monitors the temperature and directly cools the X-Box 360's CPU and GPU.

    Additionally, AUTO mode will automatically adjust the fan speed depending on the temperature of the CPU and GPU.

    Nice news indeed for 360 owners, and an Installation Guide is also available for those interested- enjoy!

    XCM High Speed Air Cooler v2 arrives for X-Box 360 consoles!

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    sweet, i will have to get one.

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    Recently got one it these... In my opinion it made more noise than the stock fans. The GPU and CPU heat monitoring for fan adjustment, and display on the LCD, was pretty nice. What I ended up doing was taking the LCD display and controller PCB inside the fan, and used them with the stock fans. You need to solder one additional wire to each of the stock fans (RPM signal) to do this, and also drill a hole for IR-signaling. Happy with the result.... -R

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    i have the v1 from the first day they get out and mu 360 is of the first ones, never have any problem after this kit but before my 360 was always stopping with some games like saints row. i recomend it and if you want even more effeciancy xcm addon too, both do very well the job, about the noise i donīt care my 6.1 surround theather do the trick.

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