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    XCM Announces New Black Knight XBox 360 Case with HDMI Port

    Tonight we received word from the folks over at that their new XCM Black Knight XBox 360 Case with HDMI Port will arrive in April, 2009.

    This new case will come with the pre-cut window, best quality clear plastic plate and built in blue LED light, and blue air tube.

    It's also compatible with all XBox 360 with HDMI port consoles.

    More details soon, and those interested can check out the pics below. Cheers!

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    Thumbs Down!

    That is lovely...A very lovely waste of money. Man, is this guy gonna be pissed when he gets the RROD (or whatever the 360's new error is these days) and his console is no more than a ghetto-rigged, spray painted, paperweight. Can't mod your system man and expect to get that warranty when it hits the bed. Bravo though, not that this is anything new or interesting. Stop wasting your money and buy a PS3 already!

    Now c'mon you close-minded, idiotic, fanboys, hit me with everything you got!

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    The question is: Will the light become red instead of blue once you get a RROD?

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    I like it, and would get it (or one like it) if i had/when i get a 360.

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