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    Thumbs Down Xbox Customer Support

    So I was lucky to find an Xbox 360 Premium on eBay for ~$257 shipped.

    Original box (Only missing manual), but had a non-working hard drive. But to my surprise, when I got the 360, I saw it was still under warranty! That was yesterday. Today I made the call and at first I was told it was not covered under the warranty... then the guy quickly changed his mind and gave me the info to send the HDD in. Yeah that's all great, but here's my problem with Xbox Customer Support (And most CS centers in general)

    The guy is Indian or a similar nationality. The only thing that bothers me about these call reps is I just can't understand them! I asked this guy to repeat almost everything and I could definately tell he was getting pissed. And at the most important parts of the conversaion he'd talk so fast I couldn't understand a single word! So when he gave me the xbox repair address I just said OK for the 2nd half because I asked him to repeat the firts half so much.

    So after I got off the phone... oh yeah I forgot to mention I smoked half a joint from this morning before I called the guy (not that this really effected anything), but I just wanted to mention I was rolling the 2nd during the phone call. haha.

    But after I got off the phone, I googled the repair center address. Here it is incase anyone should need it.

    Repair Center
    5700 S International Parkway
    Door 18
    McAllen, TX 78503

    I try not to give any customer service people a hard time because they are required to follow certain protocol, but when you're calling a company owned by MF'n Bill Gates, why is he going the cheap way and outsourcing. (That's loosely asked. I know why, but still.)

    My other problem is I have been trying since March 2006 to get the Xbox Live Diamond Card. I gave up.. I probably wouldn't have used it much anyways. But I ended it with this email:

    Xbox360_Email_Live_EN (

    RE: Xbox Live Diamond Card


    SO the last guy told me he would forward my problem to you. You tell me to go back to the original email I sent my problem to. WHAT THE F?
    This has been ongoing since september 2006 and I applied for the god damn card PROBABLY 10 months ago. What the F is the problem?! Here's ALL my info attached in the email.
    ALL I want to know is why I don't have the card in my god damn hands. I've had xbox live for close to a year now.

    This is insane. WAY TO REALLY SHOW UP SONY
    So before I sent that I was told they can't solve my problem via email because they can't look up my info for verification, but the first guy asked me to confirm my info like 3 times.

    So I see in the email what the first guy forwarded to the 2nd dept.

    Be specific when describing your problem. The details that you include enable us to promptly send you the most likely solution to your issue.

    All in all F it, I gave up. I know sending them that email was pointless.. but I'm sure I pissed someone off when they read it. Yeah it made me feel a little better

    Now where's that joint....
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