Today we have an X-Box Mod-Chip Review to share with everyone from our Staff Member out4it! Briefly, the Hyper-X is a high quality, low cost solution for X-Box 1.0-1.6 consoles. The installation is completely solderless, and everything needed to install it is included. Hyper-X Features/Specifications include:

- Easy and Solderless Pogo and spring wire installation.
- High quality branded 1 Mbyte flash.
- High speed CPLD.

- ON/OFF switch.
- Enable/Disable function.
- Power indicator LED.

Those interested can read more about the Hyper-X Mod-Chip and get one today at for only $24.99 each! To quote from out4it's submitted review:

After doing a couple PS2 mod-chip reviews here at PS3News, I finally get to move on to a new console. This time it's the X-Box with the new Hyper-X mod-chip! The Hyper-X is compatible and completely solderless with ALL X-Box versions (1.0-1.6b). It also includes a 1MB flash, a High-Speed CPLD, an On-Off switch, an Enable/Disable Function, and a power status LED.

Once I got the box in the mail, I was very anxious to see how much easier this would be than the previous PS2 chip installs. When I opened the box, I was greeted by the Hyper-X chip itself, a screw, and a washer. I then went to their official Web site ( to read the installation manual, and quickly noticed that not all of the spring wires are used for the older X-Boxes, whereas all of them are used in the newer ones. So I decided to install this in (2) X-Boxes. One was a 1.5, and the second was a 1.6. I did this so I can give a complete review for everybody on how well it works in the different X-Box versions... so I proceeded to take them both apart and set them next to each other.

The disassembling step only took about 5 minutes with only 10 screws to take out (6 on bottom, 4 under the cover). It's amazing how much easier it is to get these X-Boxes apart then the PS2s. Once I got the DVD drive and HDD out of the way, you can immediately place the chip in. Because the Hyper-X utilizes Pogo Pins, there is no soldering needed to the LPC- so you just have to line it up, and screw it down with the provided screw and washer. I started with the version 1.5 X-Box, so I only needed 1 of the spring wires, which went right into the via it was supposed to. I plugged it in, turned it on, and to my surprise, it worked! Only about 10 minutes after I opened up the mod-chip, I had it installed and working in an X-Box!

You can upgrade the BiOS to any one that is 1MB in size, so I flashed it with the X2 Config Live 5035. The chip never gave me any problems with reliability of it coming on when it was supposed to, but I was curious how well the chip stayed aligned. And what a better way to test it then progressive drops. I started off at 6", and went up by 6" each time. It survived the initial 6" drop, with little movement. However, at 1' the single wire came out of the via, requiring me to take the X-Box back apart and re-insert it. I then carried it around in a bag for a few minutes, that didn't bother it, so I removed the chip and stuck it in the 1.6 X-Box console. This one requires the use of all 5 spring wires. They are a little difficult to get in, but they go nice. And again, after only a few minutes of installing it, I have a completely modded 1.6 X-Box!

So the next step was the drop test. I started out at the 6" mark again, and to my surprise, 2 wires came out, requiring me to again disassemble the X-Box and re-insert them. I then took it down to 3", and no wires came out. I then put it in my bag, and carried it around the house for a few minutes, plugged it back in and received an error. 3 wires came out, and I had to realign the chip. Finally, I sealed up the 1.6 X-Box and placed it back on the shelf, played it for a while, and it never game me any issues while sitting there under normal operating conditions.

Now, for the enable/disable feature you need to solder to the X-Box... I wanted to do that. It's actually really easy, just follow the directions. It only takes a few minutes and it’s a large solder point, so average users shouldn't have any issues in doing it.

So, what's the verdict? This chip is perfect as long as your X-Box doesn't fall victim to a large jolt/fall. The solderless design is nice, and makes for a very quick install. The 1MB flash is a very nice feature- so you will be able to use the latest BiOS, and the price is right (currently only $24.99 at Conclusion: If you're in need for an X-Box mod-chip and don't want to risk complicated soldering inside your console, then the Hyper-X mod-chip is definitely the way to go!