November 22 is approaching rapidly, however, according to dagrudge in THIS Forum thread only most X-Box 360 pre-orders will not be available due to a shortage! To quote: "I went to the Gamestop in the mall where I have my machine pre-ordered, and they said they have 120 pre-orders in that store alone and they are only receiving 6 machines on the 22nd!!! So, I went to EB in the same mall and they are only getting 5 and had over 100 pre-orders also."

With that being said, we wish everyone who plans to grab one on release day Good Luck! In related news, we have added an X-Box 360 Disassembly Tutorial to our PS3News.COM Tutorials section. It covers basic X-Box 360 disassembly information for those who do manage to get their hands on one, and it includes both RGB and VGA Pin-Out Diagrams as well.

Finally, since we don't post much X-Box news we'd like to mention that our affiliate is offering both X-Box Plug-n-Play Light Kits (only $10 each) and a wide variety of customized X-Box Cases. Cool stuff!