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    11) PGR 3 - NTSC
    12) Rayman Raving Rabbids - RegionFree
    13) Star Trek Legacy - RegionFree
    14) Superman Returns - NTSC
    15) Virtua Tennis 3 - RegionFree
    16) Viva Pinata Party Animals - RegionFree
    17) Warriors Orochi - NTSC

    That's It Fokes
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    New Games Here Are The SS Files 4 Them...

    Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom - RegionFree

    NFL Tour - USA

    Enjoy The Gamez
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
    Thanks GodSpeed for the ss files and they have been added to the main list.
    Starlight it's No Problem...

    Here is another one to add

    The Golden Compass USA SS
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    The one posted here for HL2 doesnt work but here is a working one from me.

    HL2 NTSC.
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    Here's Some More

    Assassins Creed - RegionFree

    The Simpsons Game - NTSC
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    Here are some requested files:

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam

    Region Free
    Assassin's Creed
    Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga

    I've been requesting "Oblivion- Game of the Year edition".

    However, I just realized that XBC shows "North America, Australia, and rest of Europe" as the region. Normally it shows "region free" or "North America".

    What's the term for the region I have?

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    Thumbs Up

    two more ss files as requested on the main list:

    ace combat 6 PAL
    Fifa 2008 PAL
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    Here Is Burnout Paradise NTSC

    Burnout Paradise NTSC
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    Burnout Paradise PAL

    Burnout Paradise PAL
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    Pro Evo 2008 PAL

    Pro Evo 2008 PAL
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