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    PS3 Directions Buttons X-Box 360 Dashboard Update Preview!

    For those who care (I don't, no 360 here!) below is a Preview pic of the X-Box 360 Dashboard Update! The world's first screen to public knowledge of the X-Box 360 Autumn (Fall) dashboard update. The new update offers some truly brand unique features, you will see the XNA launch pad (to run homebrew games freely made with the free XNA studio express for amateur developers), the white X-Box Live arcade image logo loading screen which replaces the traditional logo, and a few more cool things. Better yet, it's scheduled for a release in November with lots of features which games shipped after this period will be able to take advantage of - PS3 watch out!
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    I wonder if this would jeoprdize our flashed dvd drives?

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    thatīs cool in near time i think about to buy a xbox 360

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    i think its good the demos are with the othere things rather than needing to shift across for it, but that seems the only noticable difference atm

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    with all the new content they need to sort out the ui asap its so hard trying to find stuff

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    what are XNA games in launchpad??

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