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    WipEout Pulse and Daxter announced on PS2

    Finally the rumors were true... At HardGame2, one of the most influential Spanish (and European) Web sites on videogames, the [roughly translated] announcement comes as follows:

    "As happened with Syphon Filter or Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Sony Computer Entertainment will release on PlayStation 2 Daxter and Wipeout Pulse, following their recent passage through PlayStation Portable.

    The first would see the day on July 25 next year, while the racing game that plays with the seriousness happen on September 3 this year."

    In summary, Daxter is scheduled for a PS2 debut on July 25, 2009 and WipEout Pulse is slated for September 3, 2008.

    WipEout Pulse and Daxter announced on PS2

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    Well that's nice...

    While I am saddened that the PS2 party has to end sometime... it's nice to see that some developers are still breathing a bit of life into the little black box (once the mighty behemoth).

    I guess everybody wins. The people who haven't the cash and/or the desire for a PS3, the DVP's... who can do a presumably painless port to PS2 and sell more software, even Sony comes out great because they continue to sell hardware that (though it has a huge existing library) probably will be "retired" for all intents and purposes before we see mid-2009.

    At least (from the latest I've heard), we still have Lego Indiana Jones and Batman. [crosses fingers]


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