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    Angry Windows Frustrations!

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    Shortly after I woke up this morning, I decided to finally restart my computer. It had probably been atleast a week since I last did, and I had to since I left the popup from NAV open all night saying click OK to restart. So I did and it rebooted fine, but when I checked closer. My slave drive was some how totally erased. I found some really nice data recovery software. I HAD 2 80GB drives and the primary master only had 1.5 some GB free. It's not a good idea to try to recover to the affected drive so I had no other choice but to buy another hard drive. I checked online and circuit city had a deal for a 160GB seagate 8MB buffer for only $50 after the mail in rebate. So I went there and they were sold out. So I went up the road to CompUSA and ended up spending $174 after taxes on a 300GB Maxtor with 16MB buffer. I'm just pissed that I had to go spend that much. There is a $35 MIR on it though, so it's a good deal. And the data I need to recover is worth FAR more than that. Right now I'm about to go put in the slave and try to recover all of my stuff. I think 99% of it should be fine.

    On the bright side this drive is so large that I can go and put the 2 80's in my ps2 and xbox.

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    I hear ya... I recently had to reformat my iRC box and went from WinME (what the PC came with) to XP Pro. About 2 Service Packs, 20 Windows Updates, and changing about 30 of the M$ default settings (ActiveX stuff and Browser security annoyances like the no user : pass hotlinks) later I'm finally back up to speed- knock on wood! I do share in your sympathy though... luckily I didn't lose any pr0n, errr data.

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    Hahahaha, yeah what other data needs the user : pass @ site.com hotlinks
    Right now I have a wonderful 3 hours and 42 minutes left until recovery is done. I really do have to recommend the Active@ UNDELETE software. It's the best I've come across. Restoration is also a great free app for simple undeletions, but it didn't cut it in my case. The only thing that REALLY sucks is all of the folder names have been changed to stuff like Folder5759348. I have no idea what caused this in the first place.

    Also, sorry, but it's gonna take me a bit longer to get those CSV files to you. I need to go and reinstall everything and get it all working.

    This has to be the best way to spend your only day off. >=|

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    I just clone my hard drive periodically. At least every weekend... Ill format the backup HDD and make a new clone of the current data on my primary master. If windows ever goes down.. I can have it back up and running in no time. Whats better is all the service packs, installations, settings, and everything is just the way I had it.

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    Only 7,391 folders to rename!!! =(


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