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    WiiXplore (web browser) in development

    WiiXplore (web browser) in development-500x_playon-jpg

    All Nintendo Wii users have already seen/used (and stopped in most cases) the simple (lack of updates) with missing plugins and much more, the 'Opera' web browser for the Nintendo Wii.

    To overcome these problems Onsinch is working on what he calls WiiXplore, a web browser, which includes the latest flash player RSS and other improvements.

    At the moment, nothing is 100% functional but a good start none the less.
    I tested rev23 myself but I get a exception (stack dump).

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    WiiXplorer 0.1 Pre Alpha r43 Released

    WiiXplore (web browser) in development-explorer-png

    Dimok and r-win have updated WiiExplorer, A multi device file explorer for the Nintendo Wii,


    * SMB/USB/SD recursive copy/move/delete of files/directories with all files in it
    * Rename files
    * Properties of files/directories
    * Browse through SD/USB/SMB
    * Addressbar with path
    * Multilanguage support
    * Boot .dol/.elf files
    * Open TXT/XML/PNG/JPEG/GIF/MP3/OGG/ files

    Coming soon (Wishlist)

    * Multiple Windows (Minimize/Maximize Windows)
    * Better SMB handle
    * FAT/NTFS Selection (like in MPlayer CE)

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    WiiXplorer 0.1 Pré Alpha r72

    WiiXplorer of Dimok is a file browser similar to Windows.

    Revision 72
    - Discount Road upgrade to WiiXplorer to match the path used by the Homebrew Browser.

    Revision 71
    - Updated language files.
    - Fixed a bug with the automatic update if / missing.
    - Change the file update by default.
    - Added a screen to connect the Wii when you press the update button when you are not yet connected to the Internet.

    Revision 70
    - Updated language file.
    - Added translator in the credits.
    - Link to translation page added to the meta

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