Latest in the Crystal Chronicles series returns as DLC.

Last week, Nintendo revealed the WiiWare service, and among the surprise announcements was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Little King and the Promise Country. Today, we have details on the game from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.
Taking place after the events of the original Crystal Chronicles on GameCube, players will take the role of the Little King, a Clavat-race by the name of Leo. With special powers called "The Architect" endowed upon by the crystals, you will need to rebuild and establish a new country in the barren lands.

To use "The Architect" powers, one requires elemental skills found in dungeons. However, it won't be Leo exploring these areas, but instead, you will assign explorers (essentially warriors and mages) to seek and gather these precious elements.

Constructing different buildings affects the characteristics of the villages and towns. For example, weapon shops provide more equipment for warriors and creating magic schools allows mages as recruits. Class change will also be featured. All characters begin as warrior classes, but later open up to others, such as the black mage.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Little King and the Promise Country will be available for 1500 Wii Points ($15) and is scheduled for distribution in Japan on March of next year. No word on a US release, but here's hoping it's pretty close.

WiiWare Final Fantasy Detailed

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