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    WiiND v2 for Nintendo Wii Released, Now with USB 2.0 Support

    This app dumps the NAND to USB and SD. Before you can use USB 2.0 you have to install the "modded" version of the USB 2.0 cIOS (cIOS rev7 + USB 2.0), don't worry it, won't overwrite anything, it installs as IOS222.

    Download: WiiND v2

    To extract the dump you need your NAND AES KEY, you can get that by using the "Key Grabber" included it's xyzzy but it dumps nand-key.bin and common-key.bin to sd card. When you run the program there will be a nand-key .bin in the sd card (also a common-key but that's not necessary for unpacking but can be useful for other things ;))

    Copy the nand-key.bin to c:keys (make the folder keys on your c drive if it doesn't exist) and then just run "extract.exe" and select the nand-dump.img file. It will copy the nand.img to the folder where extract.exe is and extract it!

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    Would you mind helping out a new guy.


    I stumbled across this site and forum and I am amazed at the knowledge and what you guys do, truly incredible.

    I was going to try to use yous soft mod pack. But as you suggested it is a good idea to make a back up of the NAND and keys.

    Well I have installed HBC.

    I dl'd the WiiND pack and installed the usb 2.0. I managed to get the keys with the Key Grabber.

    Unfortunately when I load WiiND, I get to the point where I see the menu and the options.

    I have tried all 3 options.

    What happens is that I get a very very quick flash of a line and then nothing. It disappears and nothing happens.

    I have FW 3.4 U...could that be a reason.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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