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    UniLoader v0.55

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    Sorg has released UniiLoader - Universal Backup Loader...

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    USB Loader GUI-FX V1.0-RC7 Released

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    Version 1.0 - Release Candidate 7


    Covers link http://uploaded.to/file/42mzu9

    Home Screen:

    - press 1 to exit to system menu
    - press 2 to return to loader
    - press UP for 3D covers
    - press DOWN for classic covers
    - press Home to return

    Covers screen:

    - hover a cover and press A to start game
    - (+) and (-) to change pages
    - press 1 to display Info screen
    - press UP and 2 to download missing cover

    Info screen:

    - press LEFT to go to previous game in list
    - press RIGHT to go to next game in list
    - press A to start game
    - press 1 to return to Covers screen
    - press 2 to force download current cover
    - press UP and 2 to force download all covers

    Video mode:
    - games should automagically use the correct videomode! (no need to force video manually)
    - the loader forces the videomode you use on the games.
    - problems may appear for PAL users that use the 50Hz display mode when trying to load some NTSC games that do not support 50Hz display. (solution is to change wii setting to 60Hz)

    - covers are loader from the same USB HDD if it has a FAT/FAT32 partition or from SD card
    - create a folder called "coperti" in the root of the FAT partition (HDD or SD)
    - classic covers are named "??????.png", pseudo-3D covers are named "??????-3d.png"

    Customizing the loader:
    - background image is loaded from \coperti\bg.png (640x480px) if found
    - "no cover" image is loaded from \coperti\nocover.png (160x224px) if found
    - cursor image is loaded from \coperti\cursor.png (60x60px) if found

    Have fun with it!
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    USB Iso Loader GUI by dimok

    The other day cfwprophet sent me a nice gift a new loader and cios v11 that just came out and it is hot. In my opinion is the best usb loader yet check it out enjoy.


    Cd Covers link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1LDOBQKI

    Box Cover link: http://rs777.rapidshare.com/files/227304261/3D_Cover_Update_29_April_2009.rar
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    USB Iso Loader GUI update r293

    USB Iso Loader GUI

    Updated: It looks like dimok and friends are working on this at a fast pace so here is r293 i will continue to update when they are released
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    WiiShizzza's Ultimate USB Loader V7.2 Released

    hungyip84 has updated WiiShizzza's USB Loader for the Nintendo Wii. If you've missed this one it features a great interface, a ton of fixes and comes with two versions; one based on v1.1 and another on v1.4.

    What's New?

    - added widescreen option. (If you use widescreen, please set layout to ultimate or simple delete the layout config)
    - ultimate2 layout has been changed to fit new background, it is also the default layout now.
    - Added new ultimate layout (for default widescreen, which is the default layout when you enable widescreen)

    Now the loader would detect widescreen automatically.
    You could still use the "widescreen" config,
    but you could just delete this config option and let the loader pick for you.
    -The loader would download the correct widescreen covert art for you into wimages_path if you are in widescreen mode.
    So you don't have to resize yourself now
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    USB Iso Loader GX V1.0 Released

    Team USB Loader GX is proudly presenting:
    USB Loader GX V 1.0

    With this release we want to thank evreyone who supported (and we hope will support us in future!) us!
    Sidenote: For best "performance i recommend cIOS rev9 since it is more stable than rev10. Freezes during installation seem not to appear with rev9... also games like Animal Crossing seem to run with rev9. Waninkoko is already working on rev11 which will erase the bugs in rev10 i think.
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    USB Loader GX V 1.0 Animated Channel

    Hot off the press the USB Loader GX V 1.0 Animated Channel and it looks Hot

    This new package include an full channel (based on 1.0+install FIX) and a Forwarder channel (Target: SD:\apps\usbloader_gx\boot.dol)

    check out the video

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    Cover Flow USB ISO Loader by Beardface

    I came across this hot loader on YouTube and just had to post it here
    Hat’s off to beardface on a nice loader it looks like a digital jukebox kind of format check out the video

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    Last edited by labonte; 05-18-2009 at 11:25 AM

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    CoverFlow RC2 Released

    Preliminary changelog:
    RC2 (20 May 2009)


    * Fixed crash after installing a game ( issue110 )
    * Fixed a bug that may lead a crash when exiting to HBC ( issue113 )
    * Fixed a bug that caused swapping of wiimotes when entering loader ( issue115 )
    * Fixed some issues with bad images ( issue105 , issue109 )
    * Fixed over scroll ( issue108 )
    * Finished White Theme ( issue27 )
    * Fixed Cover Zoom available with Parental Lock on (Issue63)
    * Fixed Progress Bar limit - sometimes exceeded container
    * Fixed a number of bugs when user had 0, 1 or 2 games installed


    * Settings buttons hidden if parental control is enabled
    * New slider and buttons graphics
    * Cover art is now anti-aliased for improved quality when zooming
    * Slot light glows when game is selected ( issue95 )
    * Sensible limits added to Graphics Settings values
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    Quote Originally Posted by labontecar43 View Post
    The other day cfwprophet sent me a nice gift a new loader and cios v11 that just came out and it is hot. In my opinion is the best usb loader yet check it out enjoy.
    where do i put the images of the cd covers and box covers?


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