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    What was changed in v1.3?

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    From what I can tell...
    1.3 Changelog:

    - Fixed code dump when cover image are big. Now loader will not show the cover if it's not with correct size (160x225)
    - Fixed error showing first title game on list when you install more than 15 games.

    There's some bugs that will be fixed soon: Estimated HD size used doesn't show propperly.

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    Waninkoko has released an updated version of his USB Loader app that now supports loading from SD card!

    UPDATE: The app has been updated to v1.4. If you downloaded v1.2 or 1.3, we recommend getting the latest release below.

    v1.4 Changelog:
    Region free improved.
    Fixed bug that caused corruption when deleting games.
    Fixed bug in showing the space used / free.
    Fixed bug when displaying the size of a game.
    More information and discussion can be found in THIS forum thread.


    - SD/USB Loader is a Nintendo Wii application that allows you to install and
    boot your backups from a USB storage device or a SD/SDHC card.


    - Custom IOS36 rev 09 or above.
    - USB/SD/SDHC device with one free partition for games.

    [ NOTES ]:

    - Replace background image (only PNG format):

    To replace the background image, copy the image file with the name
    "background.png" inside "usb-loader" folder in the root of the SD card.

    - Add game cover (only PNG format):

    To add a game cover, copy the cover image inside "usb-loader/covers" folder
    in the root of the SD card. The filename must be the same as the game ID
    (with .png extension).

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    Thumbs Up

    Ah, very nice @ Waninkoko!!!

    Breath some life back into my dusty wii XD

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    One of my tester told me that 1.4 has more bugs than 1.1.Dont know if it is true, dont play a much Wii my self.

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    Big Grin The Wii SD/USB Loader Thread!

    Cfwprophet, The Boss and I thought it would be a good idea to start a Wii SD/USB Loader thread to make thing a little easier for members to find what they need enjoy.

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    Maybe 1.4 has more bugs but with new WiiShizzza backup loader for 1.4 version I can at last use my kingnstone 4 gb.

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    Version 1.4 has it's some things work and some don't version 1.5 will be released soon. To fix the issues that 1.4 has.

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    WiiShizzza's Ultimate USB Loader V7 Official Released

    hungyip84 has updated WiiShizzza's USB Loader for the Nintendo Wii. If you've missed this one it features a great interface, a ton of fixes and comes with two versions; one based on v1.1 and another on v1.4.

    What's New?

    - added widescreen option. (If you use widescreen, please set layout to ultimatew or simple delete the layout config)
    - ultimate2 layout has been changed to fit new background, it is also the default layout now.
    - Added new ultimatew layout (for default widescreen, which is the default layout when you enable widescreen)

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    SD/USB Loader v1.5


    SD / USB Loader is an application for the Nintendo Wii that allows you to install and load your backups from a USB storage device or SD / SDHC.


    - Fixed bug when installing games on partitions larger than 512GB.

    - Fixed bug when mounting the devices.

    - Fixed bug which prevented loading Excite Truck (the game can not be loaded from SD because the game needs to access the music).

    - Improved speed of installation.

    - Update partitions / channels / VC is not ignored in future installations (in previous versions were copied but the partitions are removed from the partition table and therefore no longer exist).

    - Arrangements and various optimizations.
    > swap

    Updated Channel version included

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