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View Poll Results: Who remembers PS2 ZoneLoader?

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  • ZoneLoader? I never heard of it before until now!

    65 78.31%
  • I remember it, and still wish it would be released to use!

    7 8.43%
  • I remember it, but would likely just try it once and add it to my collection.

    5 6.02%
  • I remember it, but have no interest in it- long live vaporware!

    6 7.23%

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    tried it out on a few games i used dvd-loader with and im very impressed. zone loader was very fast and b-4 when i used dvdloader my method was:

    1 s/m> 2 fliptop put in dvdloader select boot> 3 then press eject put s/m back in> 4 flip top then back up of game- a 4 swap method (maybe took 2 mins total to do)

    with zone loader it was just s/m> zoneloader> backup game

    maybe 30 secs if that

    the only con i found which may have a work around or fixed in a later version is that my gameshark v.4 did not work with it which it still works using dvdloader just f.y.i i use a backup of gameshark v.4 that i s/m> backup of gameshark, so when i have a game that requires dvd loader it now becomes a six disk method to start that game with cheats.

    I tried a few diffrent methods to get it to work with the gameshark. i tired gameshark> s/m> zoneloader> backup it freezes b4 it loads the zoneloader right after s/m... then i tried s/m> zoneloader> gameshark> s/m> back up = it freezes when the gameshark tries to boot up s/m. it would seem to me both the zoneloader and gameshark are using the same memory cuz any method i tried one or the other froze, but all in all i dont always use the g.s anyways only when ive beat a game or just cant make past a certain part.

    but big thanx to the developers this is a great improvement to the dvdloader and what they claim they are working on in thier nfo i hope they spend every minute of their freetime to make it happen!

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    Apr 2005
    I have never tried it, but my console is modded, but i have some friends that could use it and even try it myself to see how it works.

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    Apr 2005

    Big Grin very interesting finding

    I use the swap magic 3.3 (US) with my pstwo and have NEVER got splinter cell : pandora tomorrow to work. I have tried all combinations of dvdloader, cd loader without success. I am happy to report that swap magic 3.3 and the zoneloader have loaded splinter cell on my pstwo perfectly! Awesome job guys. You can update swapmagicfix with the info!!!

    thanks again.


    ps - I tossed out Terminator 3 : The Redemption because I could not get it to load with swap magic/dvd loaders. I wonder if this would fix it? Also the sound was screwed on the Star Wars Battlefront on 1 level when I used the swap magic. I'll try it with this and post the findings.
    Last edited by Atom224; 08-23-2005 at 02:28 AM

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    Aug 2005
    xenosaga 2 works with zonloader as well

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    Very nice job on this program, I can't believe after all this time, I can finally load splinter cell pandora tomorrow with no problems. Thanks to whoever composed this awesome little program.

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    I just tried zoneloader with Ghost Recon 2 on my v7 It worked!!! I never played this game now i did it with zoneloader worked perfect! I couldn't play it on my sm 3.3

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    Question to the administrator. (This is off topic and I'm sorry but I'm dying to know)
    How did you compress a 1.5gb image into a 700kb rar file. That is some major compression.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by vapor79
    Question to the administrator. (This is off topic and I'm sorry but I'm dying to know)
    How did you compress a 1.5gb image into a 700kb rar file. That is some major compression.
    Almost all of that image is dummy data, which compresses to almost nothing.

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    Cool. I just tried zoneloader DVD with Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell "Pandora Tomarow" Both worked just fine. On a V10 with SM 2.0. And to think I almost junked these just the other day when I was sorting through my PS2 stuff.

    It runs nice. Load the program, swap, and play. No more of the swaping back and forth with Swap Magic and DVD Loader.

    Thank You Zoneloader!

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    Jun 2005
    I wonder if there any other loaders that convert ntsc to pal like zoneloader? GT4 DVD5 rip doesn't worked for me with zoneloader, cogswap loads it without a problem.

    If developers of the zoneloader read this thread, one small feature request, a possibility to make a TOC renewal for running from memory card like in cogswap would be great!

    Anyone running CDloader from memory card here on other the v7 console (v4 here)? No luck getting it to work

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