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View Poll Results: Who remembers PS2 ZoneLoader?

83. You may not vote on this poll
  • ZoneLoader? I never heard of it before until now!

    65 78.31%
  • I remember it, and still wish it would be released to use!

    7 8.43%
  • I remember it, but would likely just try it once and add it to my collection.

    5 6.02%
  • I remember it, but have no interest in it- long live vaporware!

    6 7.23%

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    Apr 2005
    Are you using zoneloader on cd or dvd, as dvd would most likely work better as dvds are much smoother loading than cds and some slimline pstwo's don't like to load cds that good, or it could be the brand of media you are using and you might have to try another brand.

    Just search in the forums like tech support as there are threads already started on cd/dvd media already.

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    beastlie - If you swap magic, make sure you put your swap magic in first, load zoneloader, then the game.

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    Works With ScarFace as well!! COOL!

Closed Thread
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