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    Question Where is the Arcade?

    Helped me pass time at work......

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    Apr 2005
    They may come back next week... our goal for this weekend is to get some of the info/files back on-line first, and then to get some "skins" for the Forums.

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    Awesome, sounds great. Thanks alot!

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Jackass57
    to all admins: please just keep the whole damn site on and keep paying your server\electricity bills!
    LOL! It's not a billing issue. Unfortunately, the old MySQL database didn't care whether the bills were paid up or not. It decided to die, anyway.

    Believe me, no one wants this site running 100% more than Admin except for maybe CJPC (who is probably currently up to their neck in the long job of restoring the Site Utilities).

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