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    Thumbs Up What's your favourite drink while playing?

    The thought just slipped my mind - what do you prefer to drink while playing?

    Honestly, I prefer coke, beer or tea - depending on the season, day of week, how hard was the day and the game.

    What about you? Curious to listen to your story.

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    Feb 2008
    Cool topic

    In summer I don't mind beer, or a Bud Light Chelada, coffee , Caesar, Rum & ginger ale are others I will drink. Like you say depends upon season, day of the week, or my mood entirely.

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    I've changed my ways a long time ago, so right now i am drinking natural drinks i have made & my favorite is peach.

    Its refreshing, also i quit smoking but i can't deny that it is a mood stabilizer especially during playing against the hardest game bosses & losing so many times, also i am jogging everyday & i am completely sorry for going off topic but its really good to be back

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    Feb 2008
    I will admit I don't always drink what I posted. Just sometimes If I have the time to myself and can enjoy it.

    I always try to just drink water, exercise etc.

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    Mountain Dew, all the way. I can settle for others, but Mountain Dew is what I kick ass on Final Fantasy XIII with.

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    Black coffee for stamina haha

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    Oct 2014
    ALWAYS Faxe Kondi!

    Soda made by Royal Unibrew in Denmark.. Can't stop drinking

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    Cold water, I need to recover me.

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    Nice H2O

    Or maybe sometimes some great old poweraid!
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