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    God of war , Assasin's creed, uncharted, Gta... there are so many

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    PES, F1 and WWE

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    1. Fallout
    2. Metal Gear Solid
    3. Uncharted
    4. Pokemon (I still really like the games even though I am not a kid anymore as I am a fan of turn-based rpgs)
    5. Disgaea
    6. Assassin's Creed (The series is kind of going downhill for me though, as I am very disappointed that they got rid of Jesper Kyd. In addition, Revelations was too easy.)

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    gears of war

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    Suikoden, Harvest Moon, GTA, Fallout, etc.

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    My favorite game series is Dynasty warriors games

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    to be honest, i kinda liked call of duty but only call of duty 5 and blackops. my new favorite game is minecraft.

    No i'm not a nerd!

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    MOTHER/EarthBound and Paper Mario. Hands freaking down.

    I also love Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and a lot of Nintendo classics along with some of the newer Sony stuff (Heavy Rain <3, LBP <3) Assassin's Creed is great but doesn't come close to my two favorites above.
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    For me is Monster Hunter or Hitman. I really enjoyed it and I still enjoy it

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    Kingdom Hearts Entire Series
    God Of War Series
    Batman Series
    Uncharted Series

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