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    Jul 2012
    I liked a lot the three Soul Reaver I'd like a new game with Raziel

    also I like Uncharted (but I've no time for it nowadays) and like Silent Hill that scares me as hell!

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    Oct 2010
    there really are too many great games and franchises to lock myself into one.. theres God of war,Battlefield and bad company, Uncharted, Assassins creed, COD (yes even cod LOL) portal, batman series on ps3 etc etc. I would have to say it always changes too depending on mood and what im playing but i keep remembering 1 game.Must be my favourite game ever is Ghosts n' gobilins.

    I wasn't much for ghouls n' ghosts or the maximo games on ps2 either though. i think its my fave game because i grew up playing that in the snack bar around the street when i was a kid when times were a lot better..Kool game and i wish it was a on ps3 or psn. PLEASE SONY..L OL

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    Grand Theft Auto is the greatest

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    metal gear solid

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    Final Fantasy

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    Sep 2009
    pro evolution soccer 2012

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    Sep 2011
    Final Fantasy. i'd kill for it... maybe more x3

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    for me they are Final Fantasy, Tales and Atelier games

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    I used to be a big FF fan, but they have been on a downward spiral after FF VI. Although FF Tactics was in incredibly deep game that I enjoyed very much.

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    Feb 2012
    The Elder Scrolls/Fallout

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