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    Uncharted (by far)

    Infamous and Battlefield are nice too...

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    I love FF series.

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    Final Fantasy series, Xenogear/Xenosaga series, and Wild Arms series.

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    Metal Gear Solid. The reason I bought all my sony consoles lol.

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    Final Fantasy. I play since the first one.

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    Metal Gear Solid, bought my ps2 and ps3 just for it...

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    Without a doubt, Uncharted! The story, the various aspects of gameplay, the graphics and how it pushes the PS3 and use the functions most other developers forget about (SixAxis anyone?).

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    I like Ar Tonelico series from PS2 era to PS3, I just realize it was this series that makes me buy PS3 from the very beginning

    I just hope there is the 4th one ^_^

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