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    mine are:

    1, C.O.D
    2, batman
    3 Grand theft auto
    4, need for speed
    5, uncharted

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    Jan 2011
    I just want to throw out Duck Tales:remastered is the shiznit. I used to love this game series on the NES. It was great to see, and pretty solid. It was way harder on NES, but with that given I wont be replacing any controllers like I had to 20 years ago. X)

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    Jul 2013
    Super Robot Wars. Most of them are in Japanese but I don't care, I get a translation guide and onwards to blow enemies up with awesome animations

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    Uncharted and Batman, I suppose

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    Feb 2006
    Stand Alone:
    Sonic on Genesis
    Half Life on PC
    God of War on PS
    COD on PC

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    1. Fatal frame
    2. Star ocean
    3. Resident evil
    4. Final fantasy (especially tactics)
    5. Tales of

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    Assassin Creed, God of war, Batman

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    gta5 is mine

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    Sep 2013

    1) God of War
    2) Assassin's Creed
    3) Devil May Cry
    4) Elder Scrolls
    5) Final Fantasy
    6) Need For Speed

    from my wife

    1) Resident Evil


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