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  1. #91
    Junior Member h82skate1968's Avatar
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    Gran Turismo
    Tomb Raider

  2. #92
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    Resident Evil! But when it used to be survival-horror not all this action-shooter stuff. (RE 5+6)

  3. #93
    Asassins creed

  4. #94
    metal gear solid

  5. #95
    i'm starting to think they are all a ripp off, if you buy them in australia at twice price of usa.. i'm so disgusted at sony at the moment so i'll so gears of war

  6. #96
    "Tales of..." Thats the only JRPG I like actually. Long playthroughs, somewhat decent stories, great character interaction, fun gameplay. My Tales of Graces F longest playthrough was over 300 hours on the US version, in total, I've probably played It for 400~500 hours (counting PS3 and Wii JP version too). Considering how rare It is for me to do a playthrough longer than 10 hours on most games, I tend to get amazed by the amount of content on Tales of games.

  7. #97
    I'd have to go with Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy. Haven't played any console games past FF X-2 but I've had a few of the recent handheld versions and I like those.

    Crash Bandicoot is just too good. The Tag Team Racing was pretty good also

  8. #98
    Definitely old resident evil games. They were the best.

  9. #99
    I'd have to go with Armored Core.

  10. #100
    My favorite would have to be modern warfare. For some reason I can't get in to the battlefield series.

    I sent this, gosh I'm good!


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