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    Contributor michacel's Avatar
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    Poll What if you got millions dollars?

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    Buy more online video games or what?

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    Buy a nice big house with a swimming pool, tennis court and a 75 Inch LCD 3D TV to play my brand new copy of Uncharted 3 on it.

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    Give half of the money to peoples who really needs them most and invest the other half in gold, property and in ps3news

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    Aww how nice lindwurm +Rep, and I'd take half of that and give it to no-kill animal shelters and use the rest towards a state of the art server on an ultra fast pipe for the site located offshore so we could host any files we wanted.

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    i just got 20,000,000 us from my grandma who just past away so maybe i will buy ps3news

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    Did your grandmother win first draw in lotto before she died? lol

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    and my left one plays jingle bells... LOL

    i will make my 1111th post on the 11.11.11 at 11:11am AEST.. thats my goal.. haha

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    Ha, nice Zero1376! You could very well be the next Site Admin as long as the offer is greater than the last one we had (was only $100k).

    My guess is we will keep updating the site for a long time though, at least until PS4 is in the middle to end of its life cycle.

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    well as soon as i finalize the papers next week i think i would like to have a huge party for all the dev's for all their hard work keeping it real to all the rest of us thanks everyone who made this possible talk to you all soon peace.

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    If I ever get that much money I will buy $ony Industry, and of course for each game released will have a 'Key' >=D


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