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    My life would not change. Go on a cruise with my wife and kids and put the rest away for them. A million dollars isn't a lot of money any more. Oh I guess pay off the house and go to work the next day.

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    Honestly, I'd probably put it in a high-interest account and use the interest to supplement my income baller-style.

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    Ha, nice Zero1376! You could very well be the next Site Admin as long as the offer is greater than the last one we had (was only $100k).
    Sorry boss, that's all I had laying around in the couch at that time.
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    if i have millions i pay some off my credit --then buy a house with garden ..and then travel with my wife and son around the world ... after that save some money for me and my wife old time and the rest for my son study and for him married ... that a plan a family GUY

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    At first I thought a million was a huge amount. But hell, it finishes fast.

    Personal Experience.

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    Hm... After a little consideration, maybe I will save it in the Bank >.<

    Just hope that my next generation can use it wisely ^^

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    I'd try to find a way to increase that million to a higher amount. It's the worse feeling you can have when you know you spent all that money. It goes away fast if you don't pay attention

    Also going into hiding. People you never knew appear from nowhere
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    if i got 1 million dollars i'll buy a house.

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    I'd make a franchise restaurant called FckNuggets, and sell only chicken nuggets with poor flavor and sauce. No one would actually come into the store, but it'd stay open for years, and every week, I'd open up more and more restaurants all across the country, and everyone would be confused to hell.

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    you are a fool. go to another site if you wanna spout trashy crap like that.

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    i would party 24/7 drink lots of champagne and spend most of it on hookers

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