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    What genre of video games do you guys like?

    I like RPGs, Racing, Action, Adventure. I mainly am a big fan of the n64/sega saturn/psx to ps2/gamecube era since there are a lot of games from that generation.

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    The genres which are mostly gone (any good ones anyway).. Action-Adventure and Platformer games were always my favorite. I'm with you in terms of my favorite previously existing platforms for that very same reason.

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    RPG no doubt and my second of choice would be Action/Adventure games.

    Some of my favorite are: Final Fantasy, Metal Gear series, Assassina Creed, Remember Me and The Last of Us.

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    RPG , and FPS.

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    Aug 2014
    RPG, Survival Horror, Action-Adventure

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    Aug 2014
    RPGs like ff series, sports games, driving games etc.. dont like fps on consoles I prefer playing fps on PC.

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    As for me, one my most favorite genre's is strategy rpg; or simulation/tactical based games. for example: Command and Conquer.

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    Mostly J-RPG's

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