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    Senior Member jamesnesc709's Avatar
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    i want to have a new cfw out lol wishful thinking right.

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    I want a Mede8er 500x2. Saw one today and I think it is awesome. It does not give cinavia errors like the PS3

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    A sweet girl to play with here.

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    Hmm, I would love some computer parts if I could convince the missus. I'm still chugging an overclocked E8400 and ATI 5770! I want to get back into PC gaming.

    HeyManHRU, if you get a 360, let me know and we'll run a fiber line from here to there so I can get in on some of your multiplayer!

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    An Vita imported from Japan

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    i want a vita but they arent out tiil feb 22 i believe and i don't want a jap one... LOL

    so that being said i guess and xbox 360 so i can play all the latest games jtag style

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    I want everything that I still don't have right now ^^

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    Okay ... So I got me the Mede8er and ticked it of my Christmas list ... I'm changing to I WANT EVERYTHING EVERYONE MENTIONED ABOVE ... Hehehehe

    Sent from my Galaxy S II.

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    An "Offline" PS3, now i'm into BF3 PS3

    pls santa


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