Update: Dark_AleX has shared with us Custom Firmware 3.30 OE-A For PSP today! Post all feedback in the Official PSP 3.30 OE-A And Compatibility thread! Forum thread, and from the ReadMe file:

- Updated from psp firmware 3.10 to 3.30
- Fixed a bug that could have caused inestability in 3.10 OE after recovering from sleep mode.
- Patched a protection that prevents the firmware to load higher firmware modules.

popsloader note: it won't work on 3.30 OE due to sony rearranging again the module list of pspbtcnf_pops. (thanks sony for destroying my backwards compatibility again ). I'll make a new version one of these days to support all current pops in 3.30 OE, 3.10 OE, and maybe 3.03 OE-C.
[IMGW]http://www.ps4news.com/forums/images/misc/stats.gif[/IMGW] We will use this post to cover weekend news and events... thus far, we have a PS3News.com POLL where we're seeking user feedback on PSP news and File updates here. We have also added a new member Xsquader (who was a UMDGen tester) to our Staff, and several new PSP Files below for those interested!

PSP Files: CWCheat v0.1.7 (Official) Rev A For PSP (Thanks weltall!), CiSOPlus Converter v1.0.6 For PSP, SCEP v1.0 RC VSH Plug-In r1 For OE For PSP, SCEP CheatMaster v0.7 r5 Plug-In For PSP, Easy Theme Flasher For 3.30 OE For PSP, Easy Theme Flasher v1.0 For 3.30 OE For PSP, OE Homebrew Sorter BETA For PSP, Game Plug-In PRX Mod For 3.30 OE-A For PSP, PSP Content Manager v1.5 Mod For 3.30 OE-A For PSP, Custom Firmware v1.62 Increasing Edition A Update 2 For PSP, MSMaster v2.06 Compact For PSP, RCO Icon Editor v1.13b For PSP, Custom TopMenu Plug-In RCO v2 For 3.10 OE For PSP, Custom TopMenu Plug-In RCO v4 For_3.10 OE For PSP, MDRecovery BETA For PSP, and Spectroplasm XMB Mod v0.1 BETA For 3.03 OE For PSP.