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    Warhammer Online: Get Your Free BETA Keys

    Itís official, Iím finally getting my knees deep in an MMO for once. Usually I let Major handle these dirty tasks so that I myself donít get sucked in, but when I heard of free beta keys at 5:00 AM in the morning I couldnít resist but to grab one myself.

    Multiplay is currently handing out 50,000 free beta keys. All you have to do is visit the page below sign up an account, and then head back to the link I posted. Fill out your birthday along with you language, and request a key.

    If you are rejected for a key, donít start weeping just yet. Go back, and complete the same process in another language. It will usually spit out a key after your second or third try!

    At least it their are enough keys by then. We ourselves have one extra key we will be giving out if all else fails for your success of becoming a destined WAR player. All you got to do is register an account, and post a comment here with your account name. Those who commented with the correct information will be put into a raffle (which will occur around 5:30 tomorrow morning), and produce a winner. Before you retreat to luck we do suggest you try your chance out at Multiplay with the link below!.

    Grab your free beta key here

    Finally, the beta key we will be handing out is for the Euro servers, but Iím sure you should still have no problem connecting to them even if you live in North America. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    i've just looked to try and get a key, but there's none left so i cant try the game

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    Yea all the invites are gone for every language.

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