The second of our recent reviews is now available courtesy of our resident coder LudaKris, whose work spans fine utilities including the Disc ID Insertor v2.01 and more recently PPF Analyze v1.00. To quote his feedback on the new Viper GC Extreme Mod-Chip for GameCube courtesy of the official Web site "Well, I have just received my new Viper Extreme Mod-Chip for the GameCube. The chip is packaged inside a nicely designed box (pictured). Inside the box was the Viper Extreme Chip and connecting cable, USB/Programmer Board and connecting cable, and a USB-USB Cable. The installation is dead easy if you have had a Viper Chip already installed as it is as simple as plug and play using the existing cabling. Even if you have to do a new install, it would take no more than an hour to install completely from scratch.

The primary differences are the USB/Serial Connections and the larger (16Mbit) Flash Memory the Viper Extreme offers. I installed the USB adaptor in behind the controller and drilled out a hole in the side of the case. Now I just plug the USB cable into the side of the GC to program it which is nice! The USB is essentially a two-fold device. You can plug it into the Serial port (where the BroadBand Adaptor normally goes) and you can (in theory) send data via the Serial port through the Viper Extreme Chip into the USB cable to the PC, or use it as a simple Programmer. I have done the latter because I already have a BBA here.

Once installed and the DIP switches set to Program Mode, you are greeted by an Installation Screen giving you the option to load a BiOS from a DVD-R or from USB.. I chose USB. I then plugged in the new USB cable into the USB board and to the PC, installed the PC drivers with no issues, and loaded in the Cobra v1.2 BiOS. Then I rebooted the GC and was greeted with the wonderful Cobra BiOS screen- all in all a great chip, easy to install, and easy to use!"