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    Video: XCM FPS Black PCB for Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Demo

    Today the XCM Team have made available a demonstration video showcasing their new XCM FPS Black PCB for the Nintendo Wii U gamepad with details below.

    To quote: XCM FPS Black PCB for Wii U - Installation Manual (English)

    The XCM FPS Black PCB for Wii U, equip all the specific modes for the Wii U tablet controller.
    • Drop shot mod: prone and rapid fire.
    • Fast reload mod: quickly reloads the gun, change gun/weapon, gives you a plenty of time to shoot your opponent.
    • Burst mod: changes from single shot to rapid fire.
    • Sniper breath mod: Automatically hold on to breath.
    • Turbo Melee: Melee and shoot.
    • Auto Zoom Zombie: Zoom and locks down the enemy.
    • Akimbo: When the mode is activated, gamer only need to press the RT button and it will automatically press the LT button simultaneously as well for shooting with 2 guns
    • Quick scope: aim then quick shot.
    • Jitter Mod: After shooting, it rapidly auto reload the bullets, this mode is to reload a small amount of bullets for rapid respond in combat (best for shotgun weapon)
    • Jump shot: You are able to jump and throw the grenade more further

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    lol why would you need that. i guess it would be great for gamers with disabilities.

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    I like the colored sticks... and I feel awkward typing that.

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    Well i guess it would be fun to use these features like if you wanna experience something new / too lazy to the original sometimes it would be great for me

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